So, what is Oxyte*? You ask.

Well, brethren, let me tell you.
Oxyte* started as a name to plonk on photos I took simply because I liked shooting, and I'd heard a million horror stories about people stealing photos and claiming them as their own.
Now, I'm not suggesting my pictures had the calibre for theft back then, but I certainly wasn't about to take the chance! Anyway, all that is by-the-by.

The name itself came from an old username of mine, Walking Oxymoron. More and more people started using the phrase though, and being a fan of originality I chopped half the letters off and added my initial.
(Then an 'e' 'cos Oxyt looked weird, and people would have probably pronounced it as oxit anyway!)

Now, I've been training myself - teaching myself things, building up my portfolio, talking to people, getting experience, all those good things - and I've become more than just a photographer.
Oxyte* as a brand has become deeply ingrained in me. It's a part of my identity, a way of expression, a name synonymous with passion.
And it's that passion that I want to share with you.

NB - This font has a strange habit of making all commas look like full stops.
So please forgive me if the text looks strange. Still, at least your imagination gets a work out?
:Hopeful Face:
And here's my photographer face!

(Picture of me by Angelic Smiles Media)